Running Late


This land of mine beautiful and green
The springs cool refreshin’
Laughter, merriment and sorrows shared
Together dwelt.

Our trust implicit in powers that be
Lived serene, peaceful, sossegad dreamed
Far and wide, lands traversed
Yet home and hearth were more beloved.

The raw beauty enthralling
The communal harmony joyfully blending
Charitable, hospitable, committed lived
Neighbours envied? Not perceived.

Progress they said,
Development for our good
Good natured we obliged
Lovingly we called nigh

Alas! Alas! insidious ramblings
Ignored; greed encroached
Selfishness poached
Our very own treason doled

Running late, running late
Save my land from crime
Let the waters meander
O’er land, field and bosom

Running late, running late
Brother, sister come hither
Gather the crumbs
Fill up the baskets

Running late, running late
Better late than never
Strike a chord, sing a melody
Together in harmony.