The Wind, The Sea, The Land



Whence does the wind come forth
Thence where does it blow?
Whence does the sea break forth
Thence where does it flow?
Whence does the land emerge forth
Thence where does it go?
The wind dost blow – where it will
The sea dost  flow – where it will
The land dost go – where it will
And so shall it take what you give
And so shall it bestow and give
And so shall it be as it receives to give
Heed then and give well
Perceive and dwell
Spake nor do ill – for knell.


When The Weather Comes Calling


The river that I drank from
Is cloudy murky.
Is acrid dust
Parched I look up.

The oil I drilled
Powered machines,
Powered light
Blind I wander.

The minerals I mined
Built steel,
Built strong
Frail I look on.

The business I raised
Brought wealth,
Brought pride
Alone I wonder.

The mangroves beseeched
The oceans rebelled,
The clouds thundered
The carcass floats.

The horizon bare
The mountains groaned,
The land moaned
The man dead.

The winds howl
The snow weeps
The turbulence raucous
The man buried.