Rest In Peace


The house that sheltered you
Sees red!
Red the sindoor
Red the blood
Red the anger

The press that voiced you
Sees black!
Black the ink
Black the night
Black the death

The ones that stand beside you
See white!
White for hope
White for justice
White for peace


When The Weather Comes Calling


The river that I drank from
Is cloudy murky.
Is acrid dust
Parched I look up.

The oil I drilled
Powered machines,
Powered light
Blind I wander.

The minerals I mined
Built steel,
Built strong
Frail I look on.

The business I raised
Brought wealth,
Brought pride
Alone I wonder.

The mangroves beseeched
The oceans rebelled,
The clouds thundered
The carcass floats.

The horizon bare
The mountains groaned,
The land moaned
The man dead.

The winds howl
The snow weeps
The turbulence raucous
The man buried.

I’ve Sold My Soul


I’ve sold my soul
To blackened coal
They say I’ll roll in gold
Yes, in gold we are told

By the rail tracks
My homestead stacks
As wagons trundle
Black gold bundles

School bays
Along highways
The power trucks roll
With loads of coal

And sleepless nights
Trundling wagons
Through summers bright
And all the seasons

Sneezing fits
And gasping breaths
Childrens sprints
Deathly feats.

Shrivelled lies
The land of greens
Murky dark rise
Waves o’er the reefs



Wherefrom do you come
O zephyr’s sweet fragrance?
Wherefore do you go
O purity’s balm mellow?

The senses tingle
In the wafting essence
Bathing in the calm
Delightful passing

At times faint or
Swiftly rushing
The timid pause gently
While the bravehearts rustle wildly

At zephyr’s behest
Keenly awake or dormant lie –
The mesmerising kiss of beauty and life or
The piercing shaft of doom and death.

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored