Wherefrom do you come
O zephyr’s sweet fragrance?
Wherefore do you go
O purity’s balm mellow?

The senses tingle
In the wafting essence
Bathing in the calm
Delightful passing

At times faint or
Swiftly rushing
The timid pause gently
While the bravehearts rustle wildly

At zephyr’s behest
Keenly awake or dormant lie –
The mesmerising kiss of beauty and life or
The piercing shaft of doom and death.

via Daily Prompt: Unmoored


The Lord Is My Shepherd


The Lord’s My Shepherd
I shall want, all that I need
The Lord’s My Shepherd
I shall receive not in greed
But for the deed.
The Lord’s My Shepherd
His bidding will I heed
The Lord’s My Shepherd
My cup runneth over
in the land of plenty.
The Lord’s My Shepherd
Guarding, guiding His flock
To Eternity.