Later (take 2)


 Later, might as well be a boon to some.


Death on Call

A knock persistent – rat-a-tat rat-a-tat tat-tat-tat-tat rat-a-tat…
(I abhor without appointment calls)
“Come in, said exasperated me
And who would you be?”
“I am Death”
“And do I know you?”
“You will now”
“Oh.” said I
“Am I late or am I early?” asked Death
“Yesterday, you would have been late,”
Death checked it’s wrist,
“Wasn’t on the pulse,
Today you are on the beat”
“But today, you are early”
Death looked quizzically,
“I was waiting for you yesterday,
You see, I wasn’t having a good day,
Thought it would be a better
A life hereafter.
Today, I am doing fine”
“It doesn’t matter” replied Death
“It does, I retorted.
You are not in my schedule”
“But you are in mine”
“That’s too bad, please leave” said I
“You asked me in”
“And now I ask, you leave”
“I cannot, without you,
Come on, let’s go”
“You leave first,” said I
“We go together,” said Death
“We didn’t come together,
Said I, so you go before”
Death confused, turned –
I shut the door. I cheated Death.
Death no more.


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