What could be more controversial?

The game of power that it has become, instead of wholesome development of a people and its land.
Every election is fuelled by controversy, one party against the other, swimming deep in still waters to spew the muck to taint and win.
Before elections they collect all that they possibly can lay hands on, about the ones in the other parties. Then go out of their way to enlarge it, enhance it, twist and turn it to taint and slander the other.

After the results if not in power, will cry foul and oppose every move, without thought, literally translating the word opposition.

But the worst is what nowadays is called a fractured mandate, previously a hung assembly wherin no party has a clear mandate. Then oh boy, you get to see all possible chameleons changing colours faster then eye can blink. What a way they woo and cajole and plead to form a majority, they would  a bestseller look miserable.

Oh if it wasn’t for politics and the gimmicks, would the world be less mired in controversies?



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