The Name

This is no Parlay – Cross my heart 😀


And so it is that I thought of writing under an assumed name – hoping that people I knew and did not know would comment and remark and quote and say what they will without my picture hovering in their mind.

But no one visited, no one came, no one said anything – I existed as before neither as the assumed one. So well, ahem… had to clear my throat and tell a few – Have a new site, got a few things to say, would you like to come by? And so it was – a few did and few more did not, and some more did – how and who I know not.

And after a while, those few too, I felt knew me, as who I was and not as I assumed to be known as. So well, now I decided to put that issue to rest and changed the name that I am known to have.

You have probably noticed the change in the blog posts of the last three days.

(The actual change in name happened when I got introduced to email, my actual name was not available so not knowing what to do (I suck at tech know how) I went by the name suggested.)

That’s enough rambling just to introduce me by name. Cheers Folks! 😊

So no more confusion now?

Signed by me

– Judith


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