Baby or Baba?


via Daily Prompt: Baby

There’s this funny way of speaking ‘the English’ in my part of town.

“Oh, so you are a grandmother. Congratulations! A baby boy or a girl?”

“No,no, not baby, it’s baba”

Baba is baby boy and Bai is baby girl in the vernacular, but they will insist that the boy is not baby, he is baba.

Is baby too feminine? 😊




We The People



We are not biased, we are not racist
We are not religious bigots
And no – we do not discriminate gender
We are not molesters, we are not rapists
We are not misogynists
And no – we are not fraudsters
We live free, we love freely
We swear, we do.
We are not murderers
We are not haters
And if babies do arrive suddenly
Without much ado
We need to protect ourselves
We quieten them in the womb
We live free, we love freely
We swear, we do.
We love, we do.

The MindSet


My mind sometimes is in a Blur and sometimes it talks….

I touch my mind – it stalls apprehensive
“Don’t challenge me – No
I cannot – I am sorry – so sorry
I worry all the while – all efforts in vain
Tried so many different ways.”
“Yeah I know “–
“You do not know
Nor understand
You have it all
And yet accumulate more
Selfish – is your desire
I’ve had enough.”

I touch my mind – it beckons me
“Teach me – should you teach
I shall learn”
“I failed- Once, twice, thrice
Yet wish to learn – my desire
To walk again
Yes, I know I did that wrong
Now let me try one more time
You have done -So you know
Achievement is selfless ”
“Let’s do it, then”


mussenden-temple07Sounds Of Spring

Spring blossoms scented fragrant
On zephyrs whispers tarry
O beckon me to the glades and glen
On gossamer wings carry.
Where sunshine glistens on waters,
And trees a seldom wary –
Natter gaily with the chirping birds
All day and not a weary.
I come, I come, fresh as a lark
I listen, I look , a care nary
Butterflies and bees a hum
Over land and sea ferry
The winds a rustle ,the clouds a sail
Homeward bound in Derry.