Why War – Questions

gty_syria_children_14_jc_160912Tough Questions or Simple Questions?

When has war brought Peace without laying waste the fruit of hard labour and strewing bodies into dust?

Then why is it that we still war?

Have we become a mechanised automated system, that just carries out the orders given us?

Is not another human as precious as you yourself or the ones you call your own?

Is the geographical location of birth the deciding factor for the angst?

How does bombing a hospital help?

How does crushing a whole family under its own dwelling help your cause?

What is the need for this disturbed scene of violence and bloodshed?

Does that innocent cry not pierce your heart?

Have you lost all reason of being human?

Have you seen the bodies of children?

Have seen the maimed?

Have you seen the remnants of the whole?

Have you smelt the acrid smoked?

Have you held a dying babe to your bosom?

Have you seen your loved one perish before you?

Why do you wage a war, without counting it’s cost?

Is it because it is not your household?

When a disaster strikes we condole, isn’t this a disaster, why are the leaders silent?

Are these not deaths of loved ones?

Shouldn’t these be condoled?

Are only soldiers dying in a war, heroes?

Why this mothers son, this fathers daughter has no one to mourn?

How can international bodies be mute to this carnage?

Isn’t there any action that can be initiated to end this madness?

How do you call yourself a humanitarian nation?

Are we so blinded by our affluence?

Why are we quick with sanctions, to cut off food aid but not military aid?

When will we wean off the arms and ammunition?

Is it because we need the sale of these for our economy?

Is it to feed our family or pander our pleasures?

Can we think for a moment?

Did we say we do not need a nuclear warfare?

And yet is chemical warfare, bombings and missiles okay?

Do we really need wars to right wrongs?

Do we really need guns to silence the goons?

Do we, when we know to every goon there’s two of the good?

Do we need these sacrifices of the innocents?

Do we have the will? – Humanitarian organisations, Nations that say we uphold the dignity of a human being, People that say we care, Do we really value a human life? 

Then put a stop to all wars. The same money that is pumped in to buy these precision devices of mayhem, destruction and death. Use that same money to build schools, hospitals, food farms, research for sustainable living. (Do not go from one wrong to another, destroying environment and genetic modifications that will again cause more harm than good.)

We are humans not mentally degenerate or less intelligent species. Let us use our intelligence for a collective good.

Be Human and Let Human Be.


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