Happy Thanksgiving


Millets, pulses and grains had I
Fish, meat and vegetables followed in a while
Gravies, sauces, thick and thin
In sumptuous feast my plate was filled
A prayer for bounty received
A heart in thanksgiving
Unbeknown recited a litany
Much amazed, went thus –
For the farmer and his helpers – Thank you Lord
For the fishers and his men at sea – Thank you
For the butcher, the baker – Thank you Lord
For the transporters and vendors – Thank you
For the mills that grind – Thank you Lord
For the industrialist and his machinery – Thank you
For the financiers and packagers – Thank you Lord
For fuel, technology and cooks – Thank you
A prayer it was, a thought came nigh
My plate was filled, and wondered I
To what caste, colour, nation or race
Rich, poor, or religious place?
Belonged those whose help I consider
Filled my plate and satiated my hunger?
Entwined we are – helping thus
Unbeknown to each other in innumerable ways.
Then – Pray tell me, known to each other, why animosity creeps?


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