In silent white
The skies draped –
The shimmering, gliding
The majestic, lofty –
Ensconced, entwined lived
The indigenous

Eerie now –
The skies open
Revealing the reality –
The shattered shards
Pierce the frail

(The shocking image of the starving polar bear was shot by photographer Kerstin Langenberger off the Barents Sea on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard.)


The Unknown


Gazing into the horizon…

She saw the cloud a rising –
Rising humongous.
And then swept her gaze
A little closer –
Closer to heart, her bosom
And clutched the bleeding breast.
Glassy eyes now seeing –
Seeing the strewn mutilated,
Decapitated, drenched in red.
How many? No count –
No count, unable to count.
They lay there dying or dead.
Was it a machine gun whirr?
Whirr-whirr all the time,
Or was it a missile throw?
The sand cloud hovers –
Hovers to cover.
Unknown, unwept they lay
Buried in sand –

Sand tombs forever.

The Candle


In the dark, cold and dreary
A hope flickered dimly
Gently burning,steadily beaming
A warm glow coursed through..

The shadows against the wall
Flitted in mute harmony
Ebbing away, yet shone brighter
Casting a spell in mesmerising halo

Flickering gently a child grew
Burning steadily youth blossomed
Ebbing brightly the ancient sage
An imprint indelible of life lived.




Networking, social media, television – Globalization!

Progress in technology has made strides like never before in the past 15 years without a breather. Yet the world is getting fragmented instead of becoming whole-One globe!

Why is there so much dissension? why not assertion?
Why is there agitation? Why not negotiation?
Why is there opinion? why not consensus?
Why is progress flawed?

Our lives are a mess – we pretend they aren’t
Our lands are disappearing – we hardly notice
Our future is at stake – we do not care
Our destination damned.

Networking – instill togetherness
Social media – develop friendship
Television – foster knowledge
Globalization – one globe.