Sergei And Tatiana


“Will you come with me, wherever I go?” asked Sergei, Tatiana who demurely sat with her hands in her lap and seldom spoke, until of course, she was spoken to, looked up at him, “Where Sergei?” Sergei smiled her, “I said, wherever Tatiana”. Tatiana looked into his blue eyes and blushed. “Oh Sergei!” she sighed, and lifted her hand to his face, slowly rising she cupped his face in his hands and tenderly kissed him, speaking in a whisper, “Wherever, yes, let’s go”. Sergei held her hand, squeezed it and led her, along the avenue of stately mansions, down the rocky climb into the fields. They could now see the bridge and the waters of the river. The clouds were gathering across the horizon as they walked hand in hand. Sergei stepped into the waters just ankle deep, one arm around his beloved Tatiana, gingerly she stepped in and before long they were frolicking like two lambs in a pasture.

The wind was now silent and the clouds more ominous, a hard drizzle started and then a faraway roar could be heard. The waters bounded from the mountains over the fields into the gorge and cascaded into the river. Tatiana held onto Sergei, as the waters swirled around them and lifted them off their feet. The river unmerciful in its rising, tossed them hither and thither. Until at last the bark of a fallen tree stopped their journey midstream. The rain too had stopped, they pulled themselves up and rested on that friendly limb. The moon was now slinking in through the clouds. Tatiana shivered and looked towards Sergei. Free she felt at last from the hateful aristocracy. Free to be, free to live a new life.


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