Is it really so obvious?

That I am a wallflower?

How did you notice?



child parent



I took a step, he did too
I smiled at him, he smiled back
I clasped my hands, he did the same
A child was he, imitating me.

Ten years later, met again
Nineteen to a dozen was the chatter
Strode in chevalier style
Knowingly, I smiled.

Another decade, a young man stood
A cigarette dangling, the smell overpowering
Epithets choicest rolled off the tongue
Imitating now the worlds vain glory.


Definition Dictionary


Defining Inspiration – The art of saying, whatever you have to say in whatever way you please.

That means – Creativity.

No. Creativity is something you do.

Inspiration is revealing the inner you.

That means – Self awareness.

No. Self awareness is knowing yourself.

Inspiration is giving your emotions voice.

That means – Acting

No. Acting is pretending to be in another persons shoes.

Inspiration is what defines you – makes the other listen, look and take action.

What is Inspiration to you? and What inspires you?




The Blue Can Of Paint

Wet Paint
I looked around me
They all looked dead
Yet I knew we were safe
–     For the moment

All was silent
Save the droning
In the far distance
–     Will it fall again here?

I got on my knees
Dusted myself
Shook his  arm
–     “Come on Hassan”

He turned, looked
And did likewise
The rest got up too.
–     Back to chores

We went outside
Hassan and I,
Hamida and Raysa
–     Wahid and Abid.

This time it missed
The families
It fell on a pile of junk
–     We’d collected

The entangled mass
Of metal and mortar
We pushed and shoved
–     To clear space

I looked again at the wall
It looked dirty
I had found a can of paint
–     Blue paint

Nothing else to do
“Hassan bring the can,
Wahid help me make two brushes”
–     We go inside to forage.

“Its coming”… Hamida screaming and running
Back in flat on the face
Seconds pass.. like hours – nothing
–     I walk out

Deafened by the sound and the impact
Am flung – I wait – then move
My face caked with dust
–     Blindly move towards my house

There’s nothing around me
Save a can of paint – splattered
And an arm – blue
My world – no world – I collapse in a heap.



sunPraises I sing – Praises you sing
Praises we all sing – Praise to the Almighty!
What shall my Praise be? If not to Thee.

Every morning – every night
Noon and twilight
Every man – every woman
Beasts, birds and creatures of ocean
I Praise Thee for each of them.

When the scourge erupts
When sin corrupts
In miseries arms
With empty palms
I Praise Thee so the devil may flee.

In Love sanctified
In Heart purified
When Kindness comforts
And Peace reasserts
I Praise Thee for you are with me.

Praises I sing – Praises you sing
Praises we all sing – Praise to the Almighty!
What shall my Praise be? If not to Thee.


Teach Me


O Learned O Wise
Teach me in the way I should go
Instruct and direct my steps
For you go before.

O Father, thou hast been entrusted
With care of mine
Guard me against the vile
Teach me to be responsible and kind.

O Mother, at your bosom
Feed me with love and tenderness
So that I do give
What thou hast blest

A Child am I now
A Man will I be
To give what thou hast given
May it be Love, Happiness and Peace.