Then To Now And On…

then and beyond

O’er the shoulder
Into time – lookin’ back…
Tears and laughter
Drafted a line,
Up, down, slant or steadier –
Here sometime, there a while.
So many faces, places a dearer
Yet few a lost and few a fine.
Success heralded achiever,
Failure shut in oblivion
And thus to remember
A past time in the present time.

O’er the horizon
Into time – lookin’ beyond…
Will it be sweet or bitter
Looking beyond the line?
A journey wiser?
Time to ponder a while.
Yet greeting the nasty or nicer
Notwithstanding; better be fine
And thus to excel to a ‘Perfector’.
Living so long, more an aeon
And thus to a dreamer
A future sane, in the present time.



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