Bequeath Love


A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers, but borrowed from his children.
– John James Audubon

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angels cry


Be My Guest


Be My Guest
And thou shalt find rest
For shall I weave a canopy
Of fronds and leaves
To shelter thee in dreary climes.

Be my Guest
And thou shalt receive the best
For shall I skein threads
Of cotton soft luxors
To hush thee in dreams amorous.

Be my guest
And thou shalt be blest
For shall I lade a plenty
Of tastes and wines
To solace thee in perplexes.

Be my guest
And thou shalt find me earnest
For shall I tender refrains
Of simple charms
To make thee in delight dance.

Be my guest
And thou shalt request
For an encore in paradise
Of happiness ever
To dwell thee and I in forever.




How do you kill
Another one just like you.
Is it the gun
You carry?
Carry ‘coz it’s legal.
And then the ego
Raises its head
Head up high.
We forget our responsibility
The hard life we’ve been through.
Through our selfish prejudice
A life is snuffed – Any remorse
You feel?
Feel it’s much ado about nothing.
– Pride, False Pride!


Then To Now And On…

then and beyond

O’er the shoulder
Into time – lookin’ back…
Tears and laughter
Drafted a line,
Up, down, slant or steadier –
Here sometime, there a while.
So many faces, places a dearer
Yet few a lost and few a fine.
Success heralded achiever,
Failure shut in oblivion
And thus to remember
A past time in the present time.

O’er the horizon
Into time – lookin’ beyond…
Will it be sweet or bitter
Looking beyond the line?
A journey wiser?
Time to ponder a while.
Yet greeting the nasty or nicer
Notwithstanding; better be fine
And thus to excel to a ‘Perfector’.
Living so long, more an aeon
And thus to a dreamer
A future sane, in the present time.