If Not For The Other

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetWhat would it be, to be alone

Here on Earth?

If family and friends, weren’t

There by your side?

The others, at the desk –

Or commuting you, here and there?

Strangers, yet supportive, doing their bit.

If not for the other –

What would life be on Earth?




The Blest Child

childInto the starry sky
Up above and high
Forever they went to be
Just faint shadows in memory.

A burden tender
And yet heavy
Shunted to and fro
Between shelters and home.

A child seeking –
To play and learn
A child seeking –
To pray and dream.

Labouring in a chore too heavy
Cringing in fear o’er passions frenzy
Passively mute midst violent wars
Bearing the scars of an insane ogre.

Mutilate not my innocence
Betray not my trust
Teach me to love
Teach me to cherish.

The Journey…


I trod the beaten track
That everyone did trod
I walked the familiar path
That faces known did walk
I pranced and danced
And having thus far tramped –

On a terrain bleak and dreary
On a terrain green and cheery
On a terrain with familiar faces
On a terrain of unknown chances
On a terrain of possible opportunities
On a terrain of uncertainties –

And with faith in the Divine
And a hope for the future
A song in my heart
And trust in the Omnipotent wisdom
And a love for all that’s good
journey another I began –

It Continues…

The Duel


Ol’ Mr.William McCullen
At the table he sat sullen
There was some a bother
Or it seemed rather –
So wise and oh so grey, Mrs.Fanny,
The ‘Mia-Mia Taverns’ granny
She strode up to him and sat
For a little inquisitive chat.
The boy he hurried at her signalled snap
And Ol’ McCullen was into her trap
She ordered a mug of beer
For the ol’ glum to cheer
Peering with her deep blue eyes
She cajoled and coaxed the truth and the lies.
McCullen he saw through the ruse
The mug emptied he tumbled in with the news
“Mrs.Fanny ya would ne’er believe
The queer tale that I must give,
Just on my way home was I
Anchored the boat on the shore nigh”…
“Who goes there?” cried a voice sinister
“Gimme you all ye ‘ave, mister”…
“None but there as I slowly look
But afear I trembled and shook
Then another cried as suddenly”,…
“Aren’t you ashamed to take on ol’men, Bailey?
Draw ya sword, if ye be a man”…
“And the swords clashed a din-din-dan
Around me the sand pranced and twirled
But nobody nay none I beheld
Then a scream and the sand parted
And looked as a body had felled,
Then ‘eard the other spake”, “Goodbye friend”…
“Slowly I inched my way ‘ere, still a dread” …
Mrs.Fanny she cried, “Tis true, tis true, on the rising moon I say
That my Granpaw, he slay Bailey who terrified folk on their way”
Then she called to the boy yet once more,
“A bottle of rum for ye all on Mia-Mia Taverns shore
And I shall down a mug of beer
For my Granpaw, McShear!”


My Life In Your Hands

In pleasures arms

In lusts desire

Thou didst give me life.

In loves mistrust

In shameful guilt – afear,

Thou seekest to kill that life.

Ramah’s wailing –

The heart’s a rending

Rachel’s unstoppable grief,

For her children a weeping –

Will Herod’s sword penetrate Me?