The Silent


Bleeding she cried
Crying she bled.

Now silent, dead.



My Village


Nestled in the bosom
Of awesome tranquil,
The cooling waters gurgle
A sublime melody.

Thro’ the palm fronds
The sunshine chinks.
O’er rafters tiled
Sleepy serene lies the rustic one.

Far away the hoots, the horns
Concrete structures of progress
A restless activity hive
Of hurrying scurrying vice.

Taint not the unblemished,
Embrace not the fragile,
Beguile not the innocent,
My village into the onerous town.


(From the book, “the angels cry”)

Running Late


This land of mine beautiful and green
The springs cool refreshin’
Laughter, merriment and sorrows shared
Together dwelt.

Our trust implicit in powers that be
Lived serene, peaceful, sossegad dreamed
Far and wide, lands traversed
Yet home and hearth were more beloved.

The raw beauty enthralling
The communal harmony joyfully blending
Charitable, hospitable, committed lived
Neighbours envied? Not perceived.

Progress they said,
Development for our good
Good natured we obliged
Lovingly we called nigh

Alas! Alas! insidious ramblings
Ignored; greed encroached
Selfishness poached
Our very own treason doled

Running late, running late
Save my land from crime
Let the waters meander
O’er land, field and bosom

Running late, running late
Brother, sister come hither
Gather the crumbs
Fill up the baskets

Running late, running late
Better late than never
Strike a chord, sing a melody
Together in harmony.

The Wind, The Sea, The Land



Whence does the wind come forth
Thence where does it blow?
Whence does the sea break forth
Thence where does it flow?
Whence does the land emerge forth
Thence where does it go?
The wind dost blow – where it will
The sea dost  flow – where it will
The land dost go – where it will
And so shall it take what you give
And so shall it bestow and give
And so shall it be as it receives to give
Heed then and give well
Perceive and dwell
Spake nor do ill – for knell.

Happy Diwali


diwali-festival-lights.jpg(Pic.Courtesy: (

Light a diya, to dispel the darkness.
Light two, to disperse the shadows.
Light three, to brighten the place.
Light four, light more, to live in joyous, shimmering brilliance.
Light up your life – Be A Light!
Dispel the darkness – The darkness of selfishness, jealousy and greed.
Disperse the shadow – Of wantonness and misery.
Light up your life – Be A Light!